Superhuman Wealth Management

Portfolios built by algorithms and Machine Learning strategies to put all your assets to work. All for 0.6% management fees.

Free customized portfolio

Zero trading fees, full transparency, 1-day liquidation

Our algorithms work day and night to make sure that nothing is left to chance.


lower fees than active management firms*


Lines of code looking after your portfolio


Trading fees



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Why AgentRisk Europe?

  • LiquidityUnlike investment firms or hedge funds which have lock-up periods from one month up to 2 years, you can liquidate your assets the next working day. (*)

    * Subject to our custodian order execution.

  • Premium experienceOur fees might be low but our standards are high. Email or schedule a call with our customer support anytime, we’re always happy to help.

  • Emotional IntelligenceNot everybody is a savvy investor or a cold hearted robot. Nor should you be. That's why our algorithms strive to minimize volatility and keep you informed during times of uncertainty.

  • Algorithms and Machine LearningOur advanced strategies and algorithms continuously build and groom your portfolio based on your investment profile

AgentRisk Europe is a hybrid automated investment platform

It deploys non-speculative strategies once only available to hedge funds but with lower fees, daily liquidity and no lock-up periods

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Minimum account €50k, 0.6% annual fees, free trades